Flu Campaign kicks off at UHNM

‚ÄčThe annual flu-vaccination campaign has started at UHNM and the Infection Prevention team are on a mission to vaccinate as many staff as possible.

Last year over 80% of the UHNM workforce was vaccinated. This equates to nearly 7,000 staff in both clinical and non-clinical areas and makes UHNM one of the top five Trusts in the country for ensuring staff and patients are protected.

Already this year, UHNM has vaccinated 49.7% of staff.

Emyr Phillips, Deputy Director, Infection Prevention & Sepsis, said: "Having the flu vaccination is very important as it offers reassurance to patients, staff and visitors and can potentially even save lives. The team are rolling out a number of initiatives to help ensure more staff than ever are successfully vaccinated against flu.

"Of course, none of this will be achievable without our staff turning out to get vaccinated. It shows a willing attitude and demonstrates awareness of responsibility to help protect others as well as themselves."

Vaccinating against the flu virus not only protects staff members, it also ensures that staff don't pass the virus on to others, including vulnerable patients.

To help ensure that as many staff as possible are vaccinated, specific clinics have been set up and are available for staff throughout UHNM. There are also designated 'flu vaccinators' on each ward so staff can get access to the flu jab conveniently.