First-time mum helped by anaesthetist's positivity

A patient has thanked an anaesthetist for their warmth and professionalism. First-time mum Joanna Bailey was apprehensive about coming into hospital to give birth, but felt that Dr Sarah Basterfield's calm and friendly approach got her through the experience, particularly the emergency c-section she had to undergo.

Joanna said: "I was quite scared about the whole thing, but Sarah came in to check on me and talk me through some treatment options. She was very warm and professional and I felt very confident in her hands. Some time later I had an emergency c-section and she remained with me throughout the decision to operate, as well as the procedure. I was upset and frightened, but she really turned around my whole mood and experience. She was so friendly and reassuring and her calmness made me feel so much better and actually quite positive!"

Joanna has given Sarah the UHNM Hero award in recognition of the difference she made to her on that day.

Joanna said: "Everyone I came into contact with on my delivery date was nothing short of brilliant. Although the ward was full, they answered my many questions and buzzes for help during day and night with warmth and compassion and gave a nervous first time mum some much needed confidence! I will never forget the care I received during my stay, thank you."

Sarah said: "It's just so lovely that someone has taken the time to write in about me, especially a first-time mum with a new baby to look after! Anaesthetists are involved with two thirds of acute hospital patients, so we always try to make their experience a positive one. It's really nice to be acknowledged."