First of its kind Nutrition conference a success

Patients and Staff gathered at the Moat House Hotel in Stoke-on-Trent yesterday (Wednesday 04 October 2017) for a first of its kind UHNM Nutrition and Dietitian conference.

The conference was aimed at raising awareness around promoting good nutrition and healthy eating for patients and staff.

Anne Griffiths, Lead Dietitian at UHNM, said: "This conference has been set up to celebrate and showcase the diversity of dietetics in UHNM. We're committed to educating our staff about some of the frequently asked nutrition questions and also highlight how important nutrition can be in a patient's recovery.

"When we have taken part in staff wellbeing week in the past, we have been regularly asked about diabetes, IBS and milk free diet for infants, so this is a great platform to be able to address those questions. We're also looking for ways in which we can compliance with patient nutritional assessment, which is why we have set a practical workshop at the conference. The team have also recognised that staff knowledge of Modified texture diets is good in some areas, but other areas with less exposure struggle, so hopefully events like today can help raise awareness across UHNM."

"We're looking forward to hosting more conferences in the future to help continue our momentum and keep raising the awareness about the importance of good nutrition and diet for patients and staff."