Family grateful to trauma team after first episode of Critical Condition

​​The family of great-granddad Alan Fouracre, whose brush with death was retold in last night's first episode of our exclusive documentary on Channel 5 Critical Condition, today spoke of their emotion watching the dedication and commitment of UHNM's staff to save his life.

Pensioner Alan Fouracre, from Bucknall, had survived three other cardiac episodes in his earlier life. And while on a trip to Hanley the 84-year-old fell to the floor with a passerby performing CPR providing him with invaluable extra minutes before the ambulances arrived and took him to hospital.

His wife, Maureen described the emotion watching how the highly skilled team, led by emergency medicine consultant Dr Chris Pickering at Royal Stoke University Hospital, give chest compressions, electric shocks, scans and medication, all while making sure grandad-of-four Alan kept breathing.

"We watched it on our own and it was very emotional last night. I wasn't there when Alan was first admitted by ambulance and hadn't realised until I watched the documentary just how many people had played a part in helping keep him alive.

"It was truly amazing to see what the doctor and the team around him did. It's difficult to express how grateful we are for what they have done."

Alan's heart stopped working for 15 minutes and Maureen and her daughter Karen were warned he may have suffered from brain damage.

But a specialist gave him a memory test - and he got every question right.

After a two-week stay, Alan and his new pacemaker and £20,000 defibrillator to monitor his heart were allowed home following the incident in October.

Maureen added: "We were told that Alan is robust and it is strength and determination which has pulled him through along with the fantastic care he has received at the hospital. I can't praise all the staff who helped him enough."​