Dr Charles Swan Endoscopy Training Shield

Dr Charles Swan, who was the first gastroenterologist in North Staffordshire in 1972, sadly passed away earlier this year. His colleagues and successors in Gastroenterology wanted to commemorate his many years of dedication to gastroenterology here in Stoke on Trent, and more specifically his passion for training.

Since Charles Swan devised the concept of the hands-on training in Stoke in the 1970's, endoscopy training everywhere remains based on this format to the present day. Endoscopy training courses continue to be delivered in our Endoscopy Department every year, itself a fitting memorial to his vision, as is the worldwide reputation of Stoke as a premier endoscopy training centre.

In his memory, the Charles HJ Swan Training Award has been created. This is an annual award to any member of the Endoscopy Department who has in the previous year shown an exceptional commitment to endoscopy training. It is open to every member of the Department. The name of the winner each year is to be engraved on the shield which will be permanently and prominently displayed on the wall of the patient waiting area.

Dr Jonathan Green, who presented the award, said: "This inaugural year, the committee has chosen joint winners.  Dr Srisha Hebbar, consultant gastroenterologist, is the current Endoscopy Training Lead, and he has instigated and led many changes in numerous areas of our training courses and programs but specifically in our ever evolving ERCP courses, an area for which Stoke has a wide reputation for excellence.

"Sharing the award this year is Sheila Webb.  Sheila started as a personal secretary in the Gastro Department but rapidly showed an interest and considerable flair in the setting up and managing of the large range of courses that we delivered. She was involved in every aspect of the courses (apart from doing the actual endoscopy!) and it was her enthusiasm and drive that underpinned the ever expanding number and type of course that the Department was able to offer over the last two decades. She is thoroughly respected by endoscopists across the country for the role that she has played in their education and development, many choosing to return to undertake further courses at Stoke on Trent and recommending our training courses to their colleagues and their juniors.  

"There could not be two more worthy winners of the Training Award this year."