Dietician serves up excellent patient care

​Pictured: Tom Dodd, Dietician, with his manager Anne Griffiths, Lead Dietician

A couple from Leek have thanked dietician Tom Dodds for his professionalism and good humour. 87-year-old renal patient Vera Ivers, and her husband Richard Ivers, wrote to the hospital to highlight Tom's excellent work and thank him for his care. Mrs Ivers, who is being treated for kidney failure and has a complicated medical history, said that Tom's friendly and efficient approach had helped them both to feel more confident about managing her care.

Mrs Ivers said: "I am delighted at the general service I receive, but in particular both my husband and I are very impressed with Tom. I am not easy to keep well-nourished and my husband, who is my main carer, often worries how to manage my diet., but after speaking to Tom we go away with more confidence that we can manage to get enough nutrients down to keep me functioning.  Tom is able to impart all of his knowledge with good humour and in a professional way. He went through our daily meal plans and suggested changes which we would not have thought of, but which were quite simple. He was very light-hearted and pleasant about it all and never made us feel that we were careless or thoughtless, which sometimes happens when talking about diets. We both felt quite comfortable after seeing Tom and in particular my husband, who worries a great deal about feeding me, was very encouraged that he was doing all the right things - with just a few small changes needed. We live in Leek and sometimes feel the strain of having to go into the Potteries for appointments, but will happily go to see Tom because it is so worthwhile. He seems to us to be a thoroughly nice man, good at his job and able to communicate at just the right level with us as patient and carer."

Tom trained at Coventry University and underwent his first placement at UHNM. He has now worked at the Trust for three years. Mr and Mrs Ivers have given him the UHNM Hero award in recognition of the difference he has made to their care.

Tom said: "I chose to specialise in the renal field because it is really diverse and complex. There are so many variables to consider and no patient is the same. It's really nice to receive the award and to know that your work is appreciated."