Devoted midwife helps students grow in confidence

Pictured from left: Bo Hamilton-Cody, Matron, Jenny Walker, Clinical Support Midwife and Kate Hackett, Senior Nurse for Education and Workforce

A midwife at UHNM is helping trainee midwives to gain confidence and raise care standards. Jenny Walker, a clinical support midwife, has won praise from colleagues at UHNM and partner organisation Staffordshire University for her dedication to supporting students. Jenny is known to frequently go above and beyond expectations, providing extra resources and making a significant difference to students as they progress.

Bo Hamilton-Cody, Matron, said: "Sometimes students have great potential but struggle a bit on their course for various reasons. Jenny is no soft touch and has high expectations, but these expectations are matched against a real commitment to student education. She has been a great help to many students and this is not the first time that I and the Head of Education at Staffordshire University have been made aware of her work. She has now been praised twice in the university's bi-annual programme committee meetings and we are very grateful to her. Jenny is supporting the midwives of the future and we need to ensure that they qualify not only with the necessary clinical skills, but the resilience to work in the fast pace of the ever changing NHS."

Jenny has been given the Employee of the Month award in recognition of her work.

Jenny said: "I first qualified as a midwife in 1980 and I'm still very passionate about my work. I never ask my students to do anything that I would not be prepared to do myself and just want to help them progress as much as possible."

Kate Hackett, Senior Nurse for Education and Workforce, said: "I wholeheartedly support Jenny winning this award and know from personal experience how dedicated she is. Being a student and coming to work in a busy, real-life clinical environment can be a daunting experience, but Jenny makes it easier for her students by providing all the support they need and some extra."