Day case unit getting bigger and better

The team were presented with their certificate by Debra Meehan, Deputy Director of Nursing Quality and Safety

UHNM's day case unit is getting bigger and better. Over the last few years they have expanded from a small, entirely day-surgery unit to a 49-bed unit which accepts day case, short stay and elective admissions patients. They have also recently agreed to support emergency Trauma and Orthopaedic patients. These service developments will be of great benefit to patients and other teams around the hospital.

Clare Hammond, Senior Sister, said: "I'm immensely proud of my team. Day after day they deliver an exceptional standard of care and compassion to a wide variety of patients. As a team, they work in a very flexible way to avoid any patient having their surgery cancelled. Our constantly evolving patient demographic requires the team to be both flexible and adaptable with regard to their shift patterns, but more importantly to continually update and advance their knowledge base in order to deliver safe care to patients."

Staff on the unit have won the Team of the Month award in recognition of their exemplary team spirit and work ethic.

Clare said: "My team do their work not only without complaint, but with good humour and a smile, supporting each other every day. The result of this is not only hugely beneficial to patients, but it means that we have an excellent recruitment and retention rate. As a team they're really deserving of recognition and I'm absolutely thrilled that we have won Team of the Month."

Debra Meehan, Deputy Director of Nursing Quality and Safety, said: "The achievements of the day surgery and admissions team speaks volumes about the dedication these staff members have to delivering high standards of quality care. It's a privilege to be able to present them with this well-earned award."