Centre of Excellence award in Myeloma

Myeloma UK has recently recognised the outstanding quality of care provided to myeloma patients by UHNM, by awarding the hospital the Myeloma UK Clinical Service Excellence Programme Award (Myeloma UK CSEP Award).

​Myeloma is the second most common form of blood cancer and affects around 17,500 people in the UK. Although we have effective treatments for myeloma, we cannot yet cure the disease.  We can often control the myeloma and relieve symptoms for prolonged periods but the disease inevitably comes back.    That is why it is so important to continue to invest in research, and constantly strive to improve the treatment and supportive care available to myeloma patients. 

Dr Kamaraj Karunanithi, Consultant Haematologist who leads myeloma service in UHNM, said: "Every day 15 people are diagnosed with myeloma in the UK. Myeloma is often difficult to diagnose, as symptoms may be non-specific. In the last 10 years, with improvements in treatment and care, survival rates are increasing faster than most other cancers. Despite this, the diagnosis is often delayed, and most patients ultimately die from their myeloma.   The work we are doing here at UHNM ensures local myeloma patients can access top-quality care and ground-breaking research.  I am delighted we have been given this award."

UHNM provides comprehensive myeloma care with dedicated myeloma clinics, and dedicated Myeloma clinical nurse specialist and it also has well attended Myeloma support group for the patients in the region. UHNM also has well supported with other specialities which are key in myeloma management such as state of the art services like Spinal Orthopaedics, Renal medicine and Cardiology services.

Patient Malcolm Scovell said: "The Haematology Team really understand and deliver first rate clinical and client service. As a Myeloma patient under their care for the last three years I have experienced and benefitted from most of the services that are offered. This cohesive unit from reception, consultation, both planned and unplanned treatment as an inpatient and ongoing outpatient care and not forgetting the help from the trials team and the dedicated patient liaison nurse, all play their part. They have gained my trust and I would recommend the entire Team to anyone."

Suzanne Renwick, Healthcare Professional Projects Manager at Myeloma UK, said: "Being presented with the Myeloma UK CSEP Award is a considerable achievement and shows that UHNM is dedicated to providing excellent treatment and care. The Myeloma UK CSEP award demonstrates the gold standard of myeloma care."