Baby makes speedy arrival at County Hospital

Staff at County Hospital have been praised for their excellent care after a mum's new baby made a speedy arrival before making it to the hospital's Free Standing Midwifery Unit (FMBU).

Maria Charalanbous was born on Friday 26 July 2019 in the Endoscopy Unit at County Hospital when mum-of-two Sophia Charalanbous's labour progressed much quicker than expected.

She said: "I had just started to go into labour so my husband got me in the car and rushed me to County Hospital, my waters broke in the car and once I managed to get into the main entrance I ended up giving birth in the endoscopy unit. Luckily the midwives from the Free Standing Midwifery Unit all came to help deliver my daughter.

"The care I received was excellent and the staff from County Hospital went above and beyond to make sure my family and I were ok. I was born here and so was my husband, my first son and now my newborn, I would certainly recommend County Hospital to have a baby."

Gillian Higginson, Women's Health Centre Manager, said: "We were delighted to be able to deliver baby Maria who couldn't wait to make it to our birthing unit and meant our midwives came to her.

"Ultimately it embraces the flexibility of our service and the resilience of our staff which ensured that mum, baby and dad felt supported, cared for and safe. The endoscopy team were champions in making sure we had a room that provided privacy and dignity at such a special moment for the new family.

The Freestanding Midwifery-led Birth Unit (FMBU) is located within the Women's Health Centre. The popular unit provides a welcoming, relaxed, comfortable and supportive environment for women and their families who choose to have their baby at County Hospital. The unit also offers a full range of pre and post natal services, so even if a woman isn't able to have her baby at County Hospital, she can still have the majority of her care here.