Apprentice Programme at UHNM

​A number of apprentices recently praised the UHNM Apprenticeship programme and on Wednesday 5 June 2019, they presented at the Trust Board Meeting at County Hospital to discuss the scheme to voice the benefits of the amazing opportunities on offer.

The apprenticeship scheme at UHNM holds both Intermediate Level Apprenticeships and Advanced Level Apprenticeships, providing the combination of both theory and practice for 12 months, learning practical skills much needed for the work place alongside staff in the hospital and off-the-job they learn the underpinning knowledge from a Tutor usually on a day release basis, however framework is tailored to suit the individual Apprentice. The program allows for opportunities for further progression within Trust.

James Harvey, 27, the Apprenticeship Coordinator said: "The apprenticeship levy has provided an excellent opportunity to enhance staff development whilst recruiting the stars of the future workforce…I felt very privileged to stand alongside the apprentices at the Board meeting to showcase the programme & their individual apprenticeship journeys."

Courtney Swift, 20, now a HR and Information Assistant, explains her reasoning for joining as an apprentice: "I felt that I did not have the skills required for most vacancies at the Trust. However, the apprentice scheme has been a great opportunity for me to step into UHNM and gain a qualification as well as valuable work experience. Since completing, I have gained a permanent role and I aim to continue with higher level apprentice work which I hope will further my career. I was fortunate enough to share my experience at the Board meeting – it was nerve wracking but valuable experience to build my confidence. I'm grateful to speak about my journey and promote the many benefits of the apprentice scheme."

If you're over 16 and interested in apprenticeships, get in touch with our widening participation team.