Admin team saves hospital thousands

The team were presented with their award by Jon Scott, Chief Operating Consultant (far right)

An admin team at UHNM are helping the hospital to save thousands of pounds each year. The Department of Nursing's e-rostering team find and prevent an average of £5,500 in overpayments to staff per month and in July 2018 alone prevented a loss of £10,500. The team support over 6,500 staff across the areas of nursing, midwifery and allied health professionals. Their work involves making changes on the e-rostering system while cross-checking information on internal human resources programmes.

Jason Ahern, E-Rostering Manager, said: "These checks include looking to see if correct dates have been used and if things like grade and contractual hours have been recorded accurately. Where errors and omissions occur, the team will contact the relevant individual and advise them regarding any amendments that need to be made."

Staff have been given the Team of the Month award in celebration of their achievement.

Jason said: "We're not actually required to perform these checks as part of our roles, but because we can see the benefit they have on data quality and on preventing under/over and unknown overpayments, we freely perform these duties as part of providing a high quality service. I think this really serves to demonstrate the dedication and commitment of the team and I am very proud to manage such conscientious staff, who work away quietly in the background and get on with the task at hand. We are a back-office team, but make a massive impact on the efficiency of the hospital."