1000th baby has tongue tie procedure

Blake Brian became the 1000th baby to have his tongue tie removed at Royal Stoke today. Blake, who is only two weeks-old, was finding it difficult to feed because the strip of skin connecting his tongue to the floor of his mouth was shorter than usual. Now, thanks to the procedure, life is a bit easier for him and mum Louise.

Mr Peter Grime, Consultant in Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery, said: "We have been doing these procedures for almost 10 years now and they make a real difference to our little patients and their mums.  Once babies have had the procedure, they are able to feed more easily. They also require less feeding and the feeding experience becomes better for both baby and mum. It's a very quick and simple process and we usually release the tongue tie right then and there following the consultation."

Releasing the tongue tie involves cutting the short, tight piece of skin connecting the underside of the tongue to the floor of the mouth. The need for the procedure is usually picked up on by midwives who spot the issue when babies are struggling to feed.

Mum Louise, who works in the prosthetics department at UHNM, was given a bunch of flowers and champagne to celebrate Blake being the 1000th baby to undergo the procedure.

Mr Grime said: "Our 1000th baby would be special anyway, but what makes it all the more so is that Louise is actually one of our own at UHNM. It's lovely to see her and be able to help."​