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​A big "Thank you" to Bethany

15 year-old Bethany Sharpley (pictured above) wanted to raise money to purchase a nebuliser for the Asthma Team to thank them for the care given to her mum, who has severe asthma.

Bethany, who attends The Excel Academy, did a sponsored run and managed to raise £156.

With the money donated, the Asthma Team have purchased two nebulisers/compressors that will be loaned to patients with severe respiratory conditions.

Severe Asthma Support Group meeting schedule 2017

'Breathe Easy' North Staffordshire local support group meetings

2015/16 We are currently recruiting patients to a non-commercial research study looking into the genetics of asthma. You may be asked if you would like to participate in the study but it is purely voluntary.