Sustainability at UHNM


​​​​​​​'UHNM will be the most sustainable NHS Trust in the UK'

The Trust is committed to delivering a world-class sustainable healthcare system that works within the available env​ironmental, financial and social resources; protecting and improving health now and for future generations

UHNM Sustainable Development Management Plan

The 2020​ vision will be achieved by focusing on three key priorities:

  1. ​Reduce Environmental Impact

  2. Build Healthy, sustainable & resilient services and communities

  3. Embed prevention & sustainable clinical and care models.

Objectives and targets are established across several themes; energy and water, waste, sustainable transport, procurement, food, designing the built environment, corporate social responsibility and public health. Each theme with a dedicated working group with a dedicated 'Operational Lead', 'Responsible Lead' and 'Responsible Director'. This structure will ensure the agenda becomes embedded across the entire Trust. 

​​​​​​​​​​There are numerous economic, social and environmental drivers that are compelling UHNM to transition into a sustainable, low carbon Trust which increases its influence on the wider community.

By creating the balance between improved social determinants of health, reduced emissions from UHNM activities and improved financial position from driving efficiency savings the benefits of creating a sustainable healthcare system is clear.

​UHNM is committed to demonstrating leadership in sustainability and has produced the Sustainable Development Management Plan (SDMP): 'Our 2020 Vision: Our Sustainable Future'. As a Trust we believe that we will develop a world class healthcare system that is financially, socially and environmentally sustainable.

Sustainability at UHNM encompasses all aspects of our Trust's operations, all staff, all departments, our community and the NHS as a whole.

Sustainable development aims to ensure the basic needs and quality of life for everyone is met, now and for future generations.

Health, wellbeing, quality of life and quality of care are what underpin the SDMP; therefore the following will be focused on and integrated into Trust working practices:


  • Ensure a strong, healthy and just society,
  • Living within environmental limits,
  • Achieving a sustainable economy,
  • Promoting good governance,
  • Using sound science responsibly