How we are run



​​​​​​​​​Directory of services​ at UHNM

As part of the integration of hospital services across Stoke on Trent and Stafford, a number of service moves are due to take place in 2015. This directory will be updated to reflect these changes as they happen to show services on both sites.​​​

Organisational Structu​re

​The Trust Board is responsible for the Trust and holds monthly Board meetings held in public. Four divisions report to the Executive team, Medicine, Surgery, Specialised, Women's & Children's and Clinical Support.

Major Incidents​

UHNM has a Major Incident and Response Plan, which will be activated in the event of a major emergency. The plan sets out the steps we would have to take in order to deal with the emergency and also tries to envisage the many scenarios of such an emergenc​y.​

Saf​e Staffing

From April 2014 it became a national requirement, by NHS England, for all organisations with inpatient wards to publish their full nurse staffing data (by month and ward area) which would continue on a monthly basis. Hospitals are also required to display information on staffing data at ward level so that it is easily accessible to the public.

Trust B​oard

The Trust Board is responsible for the running of our Trust, setting its strategy and overseeing​ the way it operates. The Board has a Chairman and six Non-Executive Directors, who are appointed by the NHS Appointments Commission and work part time. It also has five Executive Directors, who are full time employees of the Trust​.

Publication of Register of Interests & Register of Gifts, Hospitality and Sponsorship 

In line with the requirements of the Trust's Standards of Business Conduct Policy (G16), all decision making staff are required to declare on appointment, on acquisition of an interest, and thereafter on an annual basis, any interests they have (including other employment) which may be in conflict with their Trust duties, this includes:

  • Outside employment
  • Shareholdings and ownership
  • Clinical Private Practice
  • Loyalty interests
  • Patents/Intellectual Property    

In addition, all staff are required to declare the following, subject to specified limits:

  • Gifts
  • Hospitality
  • Donations
  • Sponsored events
  • Sponsored research
  • Sponsored posts

The attached registers highlight both declaration of interests and declarations of gifts, hospitality and sponsorship etc as at 31 January 2018.  Interests will remain on the registers for a minimum of 6 months after the interest has expired.  With regards to declaration of interests, an additional 508 decision making staff have stated that they have nothing to declare.     

Declaration of Gifts, Hospitality and Sponsorship

Declarations of Interest