UHNM and the environment


​​University Hospitals of North Midlands NHS Trust recognises the impact that its operations have on the environment, as well as the strong link between sustainability, climate change and health. The Trust has undertaken a number of measures to help develop its level of sustainability. These include IT and printer rationalisation and recycling of IT equipment, as well as waste minimisation, recycling and diversion from landfill. Other measures include effective waste segregation and the use of reusable 'sharps' bins. We have established an energy awareness staff campaign called Green Aware, which includes the promotion of a cycle to work scheme as well as implementation of a number of engineering projects.

Sustainability in the NHS

How the NHS chooses to influence and run its business practices can and does have a significant effect on resources such as transport, water, energy, waste and consumable products such as food and paper. Its strategy for reducing its impact is detailed in 'Saving Carbon, Improving Heath: NHS Carbon Reduction Strategy for England' (published January 2009).

NHS Emissions

The UK government has committed to take action on the environment and introduced the Climate Change Act (2008) with a target to cut carbon emissions nationally. The NHS emits around 18 million tonnes of CO2 every year. To help meet the UK's commitment the NHS has agreed to achieve the following carbon reduction targets:

- 10% by 2015

- 34% by 2020

- At least 80% by 2050

Our Target

The Trust is committed to continual improvement in minimising the impact of activities on the environment and expects all members of staff to play their part in achieving this goal and in particular to work towards a 10% Carbon Emissions (CO2) reduction by 2015.

Our Plans

We aim to:

- Reduce carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gas emissions

- Promote low carbon travel, transport and access by encouraging active and sustainable travel for patients and staff

- Minimise waste by promoting appropriate use of materials and sorting of waste

- Develop our organisational ethos and workforce approach through staff engagement and training

- Our Sustainable Development Management Policy defines the key commitments to be adopted by the Trust. These commitments will ensure continual improvement in environmental performance. Click here to view the policy: Sustainable Development Management Policy