Consultant Outcome Programme


Introduction and background to Consultant Outcomes Publication (COP)

Consultant Outcomes Publication (COP) is an NHS England initiative, managed by HQIP, to publish quality measures at the level of individual consultant doctor using National Clinical Audit and administrative data.

Consultant Outcomes Publication 2014

The list below shows the medical specialties included in COP 2014, along with links to results on audit/specialist society websites, publication dates and in some cases provisional publication dates.

SpecialtyClinical audit/registry titleProvisional publication date

Adult cardiac surgery


National Adult Cardiac Surgery Audit

Open heart surgery

Published 28/10/2014

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Bariatric surgery



National Bariatric Surgery Register

Surgery concerning the causes, prevention and treatment of obesity

Published 09/10/2014

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Colorectal surgery



National Bowel Cancer Audit Programme

Surgery relating to the last part of the digestive system

Published 28/10/2014

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Head and neck surgery



National Head and Neck Cancer Audit (known as DAHNO)

Surgery concerning the treatment of head and neck cancer

Due November 2014

Interventional cardiology



Adult Coronary Interventions

Treatment of heart disease with minimally invasive catheter based treatments

Published 28/10/2014

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Orthopaedic surgery



National Joint Registry

Joint replacement surgery for conditions affecting the musculoskeletal system

Published  28/10/2014

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Thyroid and endocrine surgery


BAETS national audit

Surgery on the endocrine glands to achieve a hormonal or anti-hormonal effect in the body

Published 28/10/2014

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Upper gastro-intestinal surgery


National Oesophago-Gastric Cancer Audit

Surgery relating to the stomach and intestine

November 2014

Urological surgery


BAUS cancer registry

Surgery relating to the urinary tracts


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Vascular surgery


National Vascular Registry

Surgery relating to the circulatory system

Published 28/10/14

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Lung cancer

National Lung Cancer Audit

Treatment of lung cancer through surgery, radiotherapy, and chemotherapy

Published 28/10/2014

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NeurosurgeryNational Neurosurgery Audit Programme01/12/2014
UrogynaecologyBSUG Audit Database January 2015​