Volunteer opportunities

Read a bit about the various roles available at UHNM

Volunteer in:

Accident & Emergency ​​​
Cath Lab (Royal Stoke only)
General wards and departments
Macmillan Cancer Support and Information Centre
Meet and Greet
Newspaper deliveries (Royal Stoke only)
Procedure suite​ (Royal Stoke only)

Volunteer posts are also available in other areas, but there may be some differences or restrictions. Please see below for information:

Fresh Hair Salon (We are waiting for an updated role outline and will add this ASAP)

Coffee Bar (See external volunteer support page for more information)

Hospital Radio (See external volunteer support page​ for more information)

Pets as Therapy (These roles are only available through registering with the Pets as Therapy Association. See external volunteer support page​ for more information)

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