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​Ian Keller

UHNM's major trauma team saved 69-year-old grandfather Ian Keller (centre) after he suffered a horrific accident. He and his wife Vivienne were enjoying a day-trip on a barge when Mr Keller fell into the water and got sucked into the spinning propeller blade. The propeller cut through the right-side of his chest and arm, causing multiple injuries including damage to his ribcage and a hole the size of a football to his chest. Expert clinicians at Royal Stoke performed revolutionary chest wall reconstruction and fitted titanium plates to support his rib cage. Mr Keller not only survived but made rapid progress, being discharged from hospital less than a month later.​

The case received extensive coverage in the local and regional press.

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Graham Bickerton​

57 year-old Graham Bickerton is a patient on ARTU, the Trust's Acute Rehabilitation and Trauma Unit. He was brought to UHNM by air ambulance following a motorbike crash on 7 April 2017. Following the accident, he sadly lost the bottom part of his left leg.

Graham said: "The care has been absolutely stunning. I can't thank the staff here enough. It has been a very difficult time for one stage I stopped eating, but they got me back again. They are fantastic.

"I will be here another few weeks while I learn to walk again. To begin with I will be in a wheelchair, then I will go to a zimmer frame, then I will be having a prosthetic leg. Hopefully all that will happen before I go on holiday in August. It is not a surprise to me that this centre has been ranked the best in the country."