Bronchoscopy procedures are performed five days-a-week across both the Royal Stoke and County Hospital sites. 

Royal Stoke site, Stoke on Trent

Monday (AM), Tuesday (AM), Wednesday (PM), Thursday (AM), Friday (AM).

County Hospital site, Stafford

Tuesday (AM), Wednesday (PM)

The bronchoscopy department comprises a dedicated team including Bronchoscopists, Nurses, Healthcare Assistants and reception and appointment clerks, who all work together to give you a good experience in our department.   

Bronchoscopy procedures performed at UHNM include:

Diagnostic flexible bronchoscopy

This helps us to visualise the breathing passages of the lungs (called 'airways'). It is done to see inside the airways of your lungs, or to get samples of mucus or tissue from the lungs.

Endoscopic inspection vocal cords to investigate dysfunctional breathing

We inspect the movement of the voice box (vocal cords) in relation to breathing.

EBUS (Endobronchial Ultrasound) and transbronchial needle aspiration

This procedure allows us to visualise the breathing tubes (similar to a bronchoscopy) and take sampling from enlarged glands (lymph glands) within the chest. This is done by using the aid of an ultrasound scan which is present at the end of a telescope and taking samples from the glands which lie outside the normal breathing tubes (bronchi).

Autofluoresence bronchoscopy and narrow band imaging​

This helps us to visualise early abnormalities on the surface of the lung airways.​​

Bronchoscopy/EBUS under propofol sedation

This is the same as procedures for a bronchoscopy and EBUS but it is done with deeper sedation​.

Rigid bronchoscopy under general anaesthesia

This is carried out in combination with a flexible bronchoscopy for diagnostic and therapeutic purposes, which include central airway obstruction management, argon plasma coagulation, stenting and balloon dilation.

Endoscopic management of emphysema​

In addition to these procedures, the unit performs:

  • Local anaesthetic thoracoscopy (LAT)
  • Visualisation of the inner lining of the chest cavity and sampling of abnormal lesions
  • Tunnelled chest tube to drain fluid collection in the chest at home

The service at Royal Stoke has been running for five years, with the Local Anaesthetic Thoracoscopy (LAT) service introduced two years ago. It is one of the largest services of its kind in the UK and the service will shortly be expanding to include a radial ultrasound mini-probe and cryobiopsy service. 

The service is also accessed by surrounding hospitals investigating and treating patients from Walsall, Telford and Shrewsbury.

The Respiratory Consultant team comprises:

Dr M Haris
Dr S Khan
Dr N Maddekar
Dr S Bikmalla
Dr I Hussain
Dr E Idris
Dr M Iqbal
Dr M Ganaie
Dr K Asa'ari (interventional bronchoscopy and pleural fellow)​