Technical services

Pharmacy Technical services includes:

  • Aseptic and chemotherapy production
  • Non sterile manufacturing
  • Pre-packing and quality control services (including medical gas testing)
  • A chemotherapy dispensing satellite unit operates from the UHNM Cancer Centre
  • A dedicated clinical trials team (oncology and non-oncology)

In the
Aseptic Manufacturing Unit we prepare intravenous nutrition products for adult, paediatric and neonatal patients.  These are complex products tailored to the nutritional needs of our individual patients.  In the aseptic unit we also prepare antibiotic injections for cystic fibrosis patients.  This allows these patients to be treated at home avoiding unnecessary hospital stays.

In the
chemotherapy manufacturing unit we prepare a range of chemotherapy agents for our cancer patients.  We also prepare chemotherapy for a number of leading cancer clinical trials, ensuring our patients have access to, innovative therapies.

In the non-sterile manufacturing unit we prepare bespoke creams and ointments when commercially available preparations are not suitable.  We also prepare a range of medicines in liquid form which are often required for either paediatric patients or adult patients who cannot swallow medication in either tablet or capsule forms.

In the pre-pack unit we label commercially available medicines with instructions to patients how to take their medicine. These packs are then supplied to A&E, outpatient clinics and ward areas to be given to patients immediately at the point of discharge.  These are especially useful out of hours, enabling patients to be discharged more effectively.  

There is a satellite dispensing unit based in the cancer centre and there is a team of Pharmacists and Technicians dedicated to the provision of medicine including chemotherapy to the ward and day case unit in the Cancer Centre. Please click the following link and view the video for further information.


The Pharmacy Manufacturing Unit holds an MHRA Manufacturer's "Specials" Licence. 

'Specials' are unlicensed medicines created for patients for whom there are no existing suitable licensed products available, for reasons of formulation and/or presentation.

Reasons for unsuitability may include:

  • Allergies to conventional ingredients
  • A unique combination of ingredients
  • Unacceptable presentations e.g. flavours, dysphagia, needle-phobia