Patient services and distribution

The Patient Services and Distribution section of Pharmacy has an integrated dispensary and store with automated dispensing, supplying medicines and pharmacy related stock to wards, departments and wholesaling to external customers.

Inpatient dispensing

We process over 700 discharge prescriptions each week with around 4000 items being dispensed for them. Our aim is to dispense these prescriptions in as timely a manner as possible without compromising on patient safety. We also dispense all the medication for the patients in the hospital.

At the heart of the dispensary we have a state of the art robotic dispensing system.  The robot acts as a giant vending machine: the pharmacy ward staff order the drugs electronically, the robot selects them automatically and they are then checked against the prescription by a member of staff before being taken to the wards. ​

The Pharmacy Distribution Service (Stores) provides a service to wards and departments throughout the University Hospital of North Midlands, and also holds a Wholesaler Dealer's Licence which enables the Pharmacy to supply medicines to other legal entities such as other healthcare trusts in Staffordshire and throughout the UK and local community pharmacies.

The department purchases on average, drugs to the value of £30m and provides over 700,000 items to patients every year. The store holds approximately 2,500 active stock lines and on average we process 30,000 issues per month.