Clinical Services

The clinical services section of the Pharmacy Directorate provides a ward and dispensary-based clinical pharmacy and medicines-management service.  The service is delivered by registered Pharmacists and Pharmacy Technicians who will:

  • Check your medication history and ask you if you have any allergies
  • Talk to you about all of your medicines
  • Give you access to written information about your medicines.  (This will normally take the form of a product patient information leaflet which is supplied with every product)
  • Give you the opportunity to ask questions about your medicines, for example any potential side effects.

During your stay in hospital, the Pharmacy team will ensure that you have a sufficient supply of medication for your hospital stay and at least two weeks supply to take home.

The Pharmacy team works to ensure that:

  • Your prescribed medication is as safe and effective as possible.
  • Any medicines that you were taking before you came into hospital which are to continue are prescribed
  • All medicines are prescribed correctly and safely on your hospital prescription chart
  • All of your medicines are kept securely in your bedside medicines locker