Clinical Information and Procurement


The team of Pharmacists, Pharmacy Technicians and clerical staff are responsible for:​

  • the procurement of medicines
  • the provision of financial information on medicines usage / expenditure
  • the joint primary/secondary care formulary
  • antimicrobial support.


Medicines are an essential component of health services and are the most common clinical intervention provided within the NHS. They cost the NHS around £12billion a year. This means that, second to staff costs, medicines are the biggest single budget expenditure in the NHS. 

The Pharmacy Procurement Team purchase medicines in as cost effective a manner as possible, consistent with patient needs and in accordance with all the relevant professional and audit standards.  They also provide the various clinical specialties within the Trust with information about the usage and expenditure of drugs within their areas.

North Staffs Joint Formulary

The North Staffs Joint Formulary is the approved medicine formulary for use within Primary and secondary care within North Staffordshire.

A formulary is a list of medications that are readily available in the hospital pharmacy. The aim of the formulary is to encourage safe, rational and cost-effective prescribing, and to have a unified choice of treatment for patients in the North Staffordshire area to ensure seamless transition of care for patients between the UHNM and general practice.

Antimicrobial Support

Antimicrobials, when used correctly, can be live-saving. However they can sometimes be used inappropriately and this misuse can introduce risks into patient care, such as adverse reactions, increased risk of antimicrobial resistance and increased risk of Healthcare Associated Infections (HCAI).

The team provide support and information to all hospital staff in the UHNM who are involved in the prescribing and use of antimicrobials in order to maximise safe, effective care and minimise any associated risks to individual patients and public health.