Carbohydrate counting course

The carbohydrate counting course is run five-times-a-year by the diabetes specialist nurses and dieticians. The course is based on DAFNE (Dose Adjustment for Normal Eating) and BERTIE (The Royal Bournemouth and Christchurch Hospital NHS Trust).

About the course

Watch what patients and our Clinical Diabetes Nurse Specialist Tamsin Fletcher-Salt have to say about the course...





A brief timetable for the course can be found below:

Week 1 – Understanding the basics

  1. What is carbohydrate counting and how does it work
  2. Look at what foods affect blood sugars
  3. Calculating your insulin ratios
  4. Avoiding and treating hypoglycaemia

Week 2 – Building on the basics

  1. Eating out
  2. Diabetes and alcohol
  3. Diabetes and exercise
  4. Treating hyperglycaemia and avoiding diabetic ketoacidosis

Week 3 – Consolidation of your knowledge

  1. Being well with diabetes – avoiding complications
  2. Buffet lunch with carbohydrate counting meter representative – demonstration of the meter which you can take home
  3. Course evaluations

Who can attend carbohydrate counting?

Anyone with type 1 diabetes, who:

  • is over the age of 16
  • is motivated to learn more about how to manage their diabetes
  • is on multiple daily injections (MDI), or is willing to switch to MDI

How do I get on a course?

If you already attend the University Hospitals of North Midlands NHS Trust then contact your diabetes special nurse on 01782 222969, for more information.

The course runs on three consecutive Fridays (twice per year) or Wednesday, Thursday & Friday (once per year). We will also be running refresher days for the first time in 2019. We recognise that this may mean time off work. Most employers are very understanding about this and we can provide a letter about the importance of attending if needed.

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