Our surgical team


The UHNM Major Trauma Centre is one of 22 adult centres in England providing care to those who have suffered a significant injury in the North West Midlands and North Wales. Our bespoke Acute Rehabilitation and Trauma Unit is one of the first hyper-acute specialised rehabilitation units to be developed within a Major Trauma Centre. Dietitians work as part of the multi-disciplinary team, providing individualised dietary advice to help patients achieve their maximum rehabilitation potential.


The Oncology team provides nutritional advice to patients that are experiencing difficulties with eating, drinking or weight changes due to their cancer or treatment.

We can provide information on how the cancer and treatment may impact eating and drinking, along with tailored dietary advice to support patients to deal with some of the common side effects of cancer or treatment, such as taste changes, sore mouth, nausea, poor appetite, unintentional weight changes and adapting to a modified texture diet.

We see patients across a range of settings in the cancer centre, including on our inpatient wards, chemotherapy unit, radiotherapy centre and outpatient clinics both at Royal Stoke University Hospital and County Hospital. We work very closely with the wider multidisciplinary team and will regularly see patients alongside doctors, specialist nurses and speech and language therapists.

If you or someone you know are experiencing problems with eating or unintentional weight changes, speak with a doctor, nurse or healthcare professional at the hospital who can make a referral to our team.

For further information or helpful tips on eating, diet and cancer, click on the link below to view Macmillan's full range of diet resources:


Critical Care Unit

Critical care dietitians work with patients who have been admitted to the intensive care unit for the management of acute life-threatening conditions.  This can include patients with a wide range of medical conditions e.g. following major surgery, trauma, severe infections and respiratory disorders.  There is a 36-bed unit split over 4 pods.  Dietitians in the team work very closely with the multi-disciplinary team including doctors, pharmacists, surgeons and nurses.

We also have a 16-bed cardiothoracic critical care unit which is also supported by the dietetic team.


The bariatric dietetic team delivers pre-operative dietary support and education in the outpatient environment to patients who are due to undergo bariatric surgery. We also see our patients when they are admitted for their operations and then follow them up for two years following surgery. Our input ranges from general healthy eating and weight reduction advice to dealing with deficiencies of specific macro and micro nutrients post-operatively. There are three dietitians and a dietetic tech in our team and we work closely as a multi-disciplinary team with bariatric clinical nurse specialists, surgeons, endocrinologists and anaesthetists.​