Surgical Assessment Unit


The Surgical Assessment Unit, or SAU, assesses patients who have a confirmed or probable surgical condition. Patients are referred to us via their GP or are admitted via the Royal Stoke University Hospital Emergency Department. Depending on your clinical condition and care needs you will be assessed either in the clinic or will be admitted to an inpatient bed. If you are admitted, it is usual to be transferred from SAU to an inpatient ward. If you have been referred by your GP, it is possible you will need to attend an appointment which may be on the same day or the following day.

Patients who attend the unit will have a series of preliminary investigations including blood tests taken. Patients who can safely be discharged will be notified if any follow up is required. They will also be given a discharge summary letter to hand into their GP and where necessary any medications that the Doctor request (patients will have to wait a short time for pharmacy to dispense tablets). The Unit is open 24 hours a day and accept referrals from GP's and A&E​​.