Spiritual, Pastoral, and Religious Care Service

The Ch​​aplains

​The Chaplaincy Team provides pastoral, religious and spiritual care to patients, visitors and staff at the Royal Stoke University Hospital and at County Hospital, Stafford

Provision for​ people of all faiths and beliefs

The Spiritual, Pastoral, and Religious Care (SPARC) service seeks to support people of all beliefs and none. You may wish to be visited by someone from your own belief community. Alternatively, we are very happy to contact someone on your behalf.

This service is available 24 hours a day, 

7 days a week.

Normal working hours are 8.30am – 4.30pm, Monday to Sunday.

A chaplain is also available outside these hours for urgent calls and referrals

Contacting the SPARC team

You can contact the SPARC Team for RSUH & County by asking a member of ward staff or by calling 01782 676400. Staff may also obtain on-call information through Rotawatch.

In an emergency you can contact switchboard on 01782 715444 and ask for the Chaplain on-call.

Information about how to make an urgent referral outside normal working hours is contained in the message on the Chaplaincy Office answering machine

Patient Conf​​identiality

All matters are dealt with in confidence. Patient information is always held by all NHS staff, including Chaplains, in confidence. The SPARC service has access to a very limited amount of patient information collected by the Trust. 

Chaplains are routinely notified of the admission and discharge of patients to enable them to arrange visits. This information provides the SPARC service with personal information such as your name, address, religion, and ward details. 

If you do not wish the SPARC service to have access to this personal information please contact a member of staff. The SPARC service does not access any of your treatment or clinical details.

The SPARC T​eam

The team consists of Chaplains, Locums, Chaplaincy Volunteers and partners with Faith and Community Leaders. 

The Chaplains work together as an Ecumenical team.

The Chaplains are:

Rev Christine Wright – Head Chaplain, full-time

Rev Leo Varquez – Chaplain, full-time

Rev Vivienne Flanagan – Chaplain, full-time

Fr. Michael Puljic – Chaplain, part-time

Rev Alan Shaw – Assistant Chaplain, part-time

Rev Deacon Melvyn Harwood – Assistant Chaplain, part-time

Miss Alison Phillips – Assistant Chaplain, part-time

Mr Nimilote Rokotoro – Assistant Chaplain, part-time

Rev Lucinda Shaw - Assistant Chaplain, part-time

Mrs Kalsoom Dar - Assistant Chaplain, part-time

They are ​assisted by a team of Locum Chaplains

The work of the SPARC team is further enhanced by a group of volunteers who visit patients and help with services. 

If you are interested in becoming a volunteer, please contact the Chaplaincy Office on 01782 676400.

The te​am is further supported by the SPARC Administrative Team:

Rebecca Wilmore – Administrative Assistant, part-time

Spaces to refle​ct and pray

The Prayer Centre at Royal Stoke University Hospital is located on Lower Ground 2 (near Subway and Costa Coffee).

From the Main Entrance follow the signs for Lift C.

The Prayer Centre is open 24 hours each day and includes:

A Chapel

A Mosque (with washing facilities)

A Contemplation Room

The Chaplains' Office (open 8.30am - 4.30pm every day)

Services at Royal ​Stoke University Hospital

Chapel Services

Holy Communion - Sundays at 11am 

Roman Catholic Mass – Mondays at 5pm

Other services can be found on the Prayer Centre bulletin board

Mosque Prayer Times

Friday Jumah Prayer     - 1st Jumah - 1:10 – 1:35pm
                                     -  2nd Jumah - 1:35 - 2.00pm

The Pastoral Care Centre at County Hospital, Stafford is located on the first floor of the main building between EOU and Critical Care and comprises:

A Quiet Room - (Open when Chaplaincy staff are available)

The Pilgrim Chapel - Open 24 hrs a day 

The Muslim Prayer room is located on the ground floor; from the main entrance, walk past reception and turn right, walk to the end of the long corridor and follow signs for the Muslim Prayer Room.  An access code is needed which can be collected from main reception or from one of the chaplains (01782 676400).

The Chaplains' are on site at county 08.30-12.30 Monday to Friday and 08.30-16.30 on Sunday

Services at ​County Hospital

Chapel Services

Holy Communion - Sundays 11.00am 

Other services can be found on the Chapel bulletin board

Muslim Prayer Room Times

Jumah Prayer - Friday 12.45pm

Other times can be found on the Prayer Bulletin Board

Contact details

01782 676400

Email: admin.chaplaincy@uhnm.nhs.uk


 The Chaplains

"Chaplains are available to give spiritual, pastoral and

religious support to patients, their visitors and staff, whether they have or do not have a particular faith."

Contact Details

01782 676400 

Email: admin.chaplaincy@uhnm.nhs.uk