SpecialityRoyal Stoke WaitCounty Hospital WaitNext Available appointment
Hips10  weeks2 weeks10.07.19 County (29.08.19 at Royal Stoke)
Knees10 weeks2 weeks10.07.19 County (29.08.19 at Royal Stoke)
Foot/Ankle8 weeks6 weeks5.08.19 County (20.08.19 at Royal Stoke)
Shoulder12  weeks7  weeks06.08.19 County (18.09.19 at Royal Stoke)
Hand/Wrist5 weeks3 weeks16.07.19 County  (31.07.19  at Royal Stoke)
Spines17 week19 weeks29.10.19 County (15.10.19 at Royal Stoke)
Scoliosis7 weeks4 weeks23.07.19 County (12.08.19 at Royal Stoke)
Neuro- Heads3  weekn/a16.07.19  Royal Stoke
Spineneuro2 weeks 10.7.19 Royal Stoke
Paedspine8 weeks  19.8.19  Royal Stoke
Paedortho12 weeks14 weeks27.9.19 County (10.9.19  at Royal Stoke)

Orthopaedics is the diagnosis and treatment of bone, joints and skeleton-related problems. University Hospitals of North Midlands prides itself in having a top quality orthopaedic surgery department. The consultant orthopaedic team are experts in their field and provide a comprehensive service in trauma surgery and elective orthopaedic procedures.​

Our orthopaedic consultants specialise in various parts of the body such as hips, knees, ankles, hands, feet, shoulders and elbows and deal with anything from a broken bone to a hip replacement and carpal tunnel syndrome to spinal surgery. Some of our consultants also deal especially with children's fractures and orthopaedic conditions and sports injuries.


Address and contact details

Ward 225 and 226, Main Building, Floor 2, Royal Stoke University Hospital​

Ward 225: 01782 676225

Ward 226: 01782 676226​

Click on the links below for information booklets about  procedures such as total knee replacement and total hip replacement at our hospital. 

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