Health Records


The primary function for holding health records is to support the delivery of individual patient care. However, you may be receiving care from other professionals as well as the NHS (for example, social services) and in these instances it may be necessary to share some information about you.

The General Data Protection Regulation and Data Protection Act give patients the right to have access to their health records.  This is known as a 'Subject Access Request'.  To request a copy of your health records held by the University Hospitals of North Midlands NHS Trust, you can contact the subject access request office by email:

Although a formal application is not necessary to make a request, it does help to give us all the information we need to locate the records.  You will also be requested to provide appropriate identification before we are able to release any information to you.  This may be a passport or driving license or other identification that is able to verify your identity.

You may be able to make a request on behalf of someone else; we would request additional identification for you in these instances and also the identification and consent of the patient. 

Requests made by a third party, for example a relative, solicitor or health insurance company, can only be released with your written consent.

There is normally no charge for making a request for your information.  However there may be circumstances where we do make a charge, for instance if you are asking for a copy of information you have already received, or if the volume of records required is excessive.  You would be advised of this once we have received your request and before we proceed with your application.

There may be circumstances where information would not be released when a request has been received:

  • Where it is deemed by the appropriate healthcare professional that supplying you with the information is likely to cause serious harm to the physical or mental health or condition of your or any other person
  • Where providing you with access would disclose information relating to,  or provided by a third person who has not consented to us disclosing the information.  This would not apply where the third person is a clinician involved in your care.

In accordance with General Data Protection Regulations we will normally provide you with the information within one month of receiving your request.  If this is likely to take longer this will be communicated to you with an explanation and an estimated timescale for disclosure.

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