Health Records


The Health Records Department is responsible for the storage of over half a million paper medical records, all of which we are in the process of transferring onto the Trust's internal Electronic Document Management System, which will improve accessibility of records for our clinicians and assist with patient care.

The primary function for holding health records is to support the delivery of individual patient care. However, you may be receiving care from other professionals as well as the NHS (for example Social Services), and in these instances it may be necessary to share some information about you.

Getting access to your records

 The Data Protection Act 1998 gives patients the right to see what has been written in their health records. Any patients requiring access to their records may do so by contacting the Ministries Office at Access to view records is free of charge (however, if copies are required there is a fee of £50).

Applications can only be processed if received in writing and the necessary information provided to establish identity and to verify that the applicant has the authority to view the records.

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