Dietitians at University Hospitals of North Midlands cover a range of clinics and specialties. All dietitians are registered with the Health Care Professions Council.

Dietitians work with in-patients, where their job is to get the best nutrition options for those referred t​o them, and also within the wide variety of outpatient clinics at University Hospitals. These clinics include specialist areas such as gastroenterology in babies and children, kidney clinics for dialysis patients, clinics for patients receiving nutritional support and clinics for people referred with conditions that can be improved by changes to their diet.

The service also provides support to community hospitals and Combined Healthcare, as well as community clinics and domiciliary visits for people that are referred by their GP. Generally clinic sessions run from Monday to Friday 8.45am - 4.30 pm.

How to get her​​e

If you have been referred for an outpatient appointment, please read the clinic letter carefully as clinics are held in many different locations. If the location is given as the Royal Stoke University Hospital, appointments for adults are held in Outpatients 1 in the Main Buiding, children's appointments are held in the Children's Centre.

What to e​xpect

At your appointment, you are often asked detailed questions about your diet. It can be helpful to bring along any diet information that you are currently using and a list of your tablets as well as any vitamins or supplements you may be taking.

The department helps train student dietitians, we also work with work experience coordinators to support people aged 17 and above who are interested in dietetics as a career.

Con​​tact us

Main department:  01782 676030

Helpful infor​mation

  • The British Dietetic Association has useful information on diets and careers in dietetics can be found at
  • Information on weight management can be accessed on