Breast surgery


​​​​​The breast care service at UHNM is recognised as a centre of excellence. The journey through care is coordinated and planned directly with patients alongside a dedicated team of experts.

Our service specialises in the treatment of both benign and malignant breast conditions and also provides surgery and treatment for patients coming through the Staffordshire breast screening services. Each year the service deals with more than 700 new breast cancers and a wide range of benign disease.

Each patient treated by the service is designated with a key worker which is usually one of the Breast Care Nursing Team. This gives the patient and their families an immediate point of contact for support, advice, information from diagnosis, throughout treatment and follow-up and ensures that a trained specialist is on hand to explain in detail the care that the service provides.

Our staff:

  • Mr S Narayanan: Consultant Oncoplastic Breast Surgeon
  • Professor R Kirby: Consultant Breast Surgeon
  • Mr S Soumian: Consultant Oncoplastic Breast Surgeon
  • Professor A Brunt: Consultant Oncologist
  • Dr D Gahir: Consultant Oncologist
  • Dr A Jegannathan: Consultant Oncologist
  • Dr Saba Bajwa Consultant radiologist
  • Dr Liz Gunning Consultant radiologist
  • Dr Mohd Isa Consultant radiologist
  • Dr Gabriella Erdelyi Consultant radiologist
  • Dr Erica Toth Consultant Radiologist 
  • Dr Marianna Telesca Consultant Radiologist
  • Lisa Hackney Consultant radiographer

The service is supported by the breast care nursing team comprises of two Breast Care Nurse Specialists / ANPs- Helen Francis and Julie Boulton and six Breast Care Nurses; Elizabeth Mellor, Rachel Bayley, Lynne Scott, Hayley Simpson, Caroline Laffin and Clare Whitworth.

Consultant Radiologists and Radiographers, Breast Specialist Histopathologists, Consultant Plastic Surgeons and Lymphoedema Nurse Specialists also play key parts in providing a multi-disciplinary team approach to breast care at University Hospitals.

Cutting Edge ​​Technology - Sentinel lymph node biopsy and OSNA

Sentinel lymph node biopsy (SLNB) became the standard of care in the management of breast cancer at UHNM​ in 2006.

It is a procedure in which the sentinel lymph node (the first lymph node in the armpit to drain the breast of lymphatic fluid) is removed and examined under a microscope on the day of surgery using the OSNA technique (see below) to determine whether cancer cells are present.

Prior to this technique most patients routinely had all their lymph nodes removed.  Research has shown that in about 8 out of 10 patients with small breast cancers, the lymph nodes turn out to be free of cancer.

If cancer is not present in the sentinel node, no further surgery to the armpit is needed meaning the majority of patients avoid unnecessary removal of all their lymph nodes.

SLNB is a much smaller operation than full removal of all the lymph nodes and means patients can usually go home the same day of their operation


Breast cancer patients at University Hospitals currently benefit from a pioneering diagnostic test called OSNA, short for One Step Nucleic Acid Amplification. This test is carried out on the lymph nodes whilst breast cancer patients undergo surgery, avoiding the need for a second operation if the cancer is found to have spread.

The hospital was the second hospital in the West Midlands and the twelfth in the country to implement the test. Since implementation in February 2013, more than 50 cancer patients have been treated using the OSNA test and prevented more than 13 re-admissions. 

At the present time it is not possible to offer an OSNA service at County Hospital, however it is hoped that it will be possible for UHNM to develop this service over the coming months.  


How to​​ find us

The Breast Care department at the Royal Stoke University Hospital is located on the ground floor of the Main Building.  From the main entrance, turn right down the corridor, and the department is clearly signposted on the left hand side.

Breast clinics are predominantly held in Outpatients One, which is next door to the Breast Care Department. Radiotherapy and chemotherapy clinics are held at University Hospitals' Cancer Centre.

The Breast Care department at County Hospital is located on the first floor of the main building next to the chapel. From the main entrance, turn left then take the lift or the first set of stairs to the first floor. The Breast Unit is on the left as you leave the lift or right at the top of the stairs just after the chapel.


Contact​ us

  • Breast Care Nursing Department (Royal Stoke University Hospital ) helpline: 01782 674077.
  • Breast Care Nursing Department (County Hospital) helpline 01785 230607
  • This helplines are usually manned between 9am and 4.30pm Monday to Friday. However messages can be left at any time but can only be answered between working hours.
  • Surgical ward 105/104 breast day case surgery (Royal Stoke University Hospital) 01782 672955/672950
  • Surgical ward 102, breast in patient ward (Royal Stoke University Hospital) 01782 676102
  • Surgical Ward 8, breast inpatient ward (County Hospital) 01785 230041
  • Surgical ward 111 (Royal Stoke University Hospital ) 01782 676111
  • Day and Theatre Admissions Ward ,2nd floor (County Hospital ) 01785 230095​