Ambulatory Emergency Care Centre

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Ambulatory care is about providing same-day emergency care. Our Ambulatory Emergency Care Centre offers easy access to diagnostic tests and review by hospital consultants in one place. It is a way of providing safe care, designed around your needs. 

The service also aims to prevent unnecessary hospital admissions and provide a better experience for you. The centre is focused on providing the right care for patients in the right place.

Four main groups of patients are seen in the centre:

  • Patients with medical conditions needing emergency care who are referred by their GP

  • Patients redirected from our emergency department

  • Patients who have been in hospital in acute medical wards, 'stepped -down' to support early discharge

  • Patients discharged from acute medical wards with outpatient investigations requiring review and possible further intervention

This is a day-treatment service so you may be required to come back the following day.

Royal Stoke University Hospital 

Ambulatory Emergency Care Centre
Trent Building
Royal Stoke University Hospital
Newcastle Road

01782 671700​

Opening hours
The centre is open Monday to Friday: 8am – 8pm

Frequently Asked Questions

What is ambulatory emergency care?
Ambulatory emergency care is a patient-focused service where some conditions may be treated without the need for an overnight stay in hospital. You will receive the same medical treatment you would previously have received as an inpatient. The aim of this service is to provide you with the care required to treat your condition during scheduled ambulatory care opening hours. You will be able to return home; if further treatment is required you will be asked to return to the unit to receive this.

What advantages does ambulatory emergency care offer me?
The Ambulatory Care Unit provides a new way of ensuring that all our patients receive timely assessment. Despite not being admitted as an inpatient you will still have access to the same calibre of medical and nursing care that you would experience on one of our wards. If appropriate, you will be able return to your own home, even if further treatment is required on another day.

What can I expect?
On arrival you will have an initial assessment within 15 minutes by a nurse or be reviewed by an acute care consultant. You may have a range of investigations and treatments arrangedthe ultimate aim of which is to allow you to return home safely. We strive to deliver a compassionate, safe and reliable service. 

During your visit we will ask you to fill in a short questionnaire to tell us about your experience of this service. Please help us to continue improving 
and developing the care we provide by giving us your valuable feedback. Please do not hesitate to alert a member of staff if you have any concerns, questions or requests.

Will I need to return to the hospital once I am sent home?
You may be asked to attend a clinic within the ambulatory emergency care centre or return to another hospital department for further investigations. An appointment for this will be given to you before you leave. If you are unable to keep this appointment please telephone us on 01782 671700 so that we can rearrange this for you.

What do I do if I feel unwell once I have returned home?​
Please call 01782 671700 if you are concerned in any way about your condition once you return home.