Patients in Treatment

Congratulations! You have chosen to wear orthodontic braces to improve your smile! You will have received lots of information about your treatment but we know that there are always questions you forget to ask or things you would like to know more about.

Click on 'Braces' to find out more about the type of brace you are wearing. The 'Surgical/Orthodontic Treatment' and 'Temporary Anchorage Devices' links might be useful for our patients undergoing more complex treatments. Clicking 'Retainers​' will help you understand more about what you can do to keep your teeth straight and keep you smiling! Of course, all our patient information leaflets are also available to view online. 

Here you will find information that will help you while you are having your treatment. ​

Click here​ to read our patient leaflet​​​​​​​