The Midwife Birth Centre

About the centre

The Midwife Birth Centre (MBC) is a dedicated unit located on the first floor of the Maternity Centre at Royal Stoke. Approximately 1,500 babies are born here each year. 

The centre is run by midwives who care for women in labour, deliver their babies, provide immediate postnatal care and transfer women back to the care of the community midwife on discharge from hospital. (Mum stays in her own room from when she is admitted in labour, through delivery until she goes home).

The centre is open to pregnant women with minimal or no complications. 

The MBC offers antenatal relaxation classes, which help to educate women and their birth partner about strategies for coping with early labour.​ The breastfeeding coordinators also offer monthly antenatal breastfeeding classes in the department.​​


There are eleven rooms, each of which has an en-suite bathroom with a large bath that can be used for hydrotherapy in labour. Every room has a flat screen TV and dimmer switch lighting for an ambience of calm. 

The birthing pool room has special colour change lights which can be set to the patient's preference and create a comforting and relaxed atmosphere. There is also a music sound system for use if desired.

The centre has a dining room where mums and their partners can relax and make drinks and snacks. 

During the birth

Normal birth is promoted. Women's expression of choice is actively encouraged, as is delivery off the bed. A clam, quiet environment is provided to help with the birth experience. If all goes well you will be transferred home to the care of your community midwife within a few hours of the birth.

Choices of pain relief include massage, mobility, hydrotherapy, Entonox (gas and air) and pethidine. If during your labour you decide you want to have an epidural, or should any complications arise, you may be transferred to the Delivery Suite.

Mum can have two people with her during labour and birth. ​