Maternity Ward

Wards 205 and 206 are inside the Maternity Centre. There are 28 beds on each ward. On each ward there are 12 ensuite side rooms and 4 en-suite bays (4 beds per bay).

A number of consu​ltant obstetricians work on these wards, providing specialist care for women admitted both before and after birth. ​The wards have disabled access in all areas including bathrooms. An assisted bathroom is also available.

Postnatal care

During your stay in hospital we encourage you to keep your baby in a cot by your bed at all times, unless any special treatment is required. This helps you to get to know your baby and promote bonding. On the ward the midwives will continue to help to plan your care and that of your baby. Your stay in hospital after having your baby will depend on your delivery. During this time the midwife will make sure that you and your baby are well. Help and support will be available to give you confidence in caring for your baby. Please discuss your plan for going home with the midwife on the ward. You will be visited at home the day after you return.​

Our maternity centre has been accredited as 'UNICEF (United Nations Children's Fund) Baby Friendly' because of our best practice standards in breastfeeding. There are also breastfeeding co-ordinators available to offer support to women on the wards. 

Mobile telephones are permitted on the wards and there is a payphone available in the day room.​

Transitional care

This is a ten-bedded area located on ward 205 that cares for babies who require additional monitoring but do not need the level of care required from a neonatal unit. The mothers and babies are roomed together and parents are encouraged to have direct input into the care of their baby. 

The baby's care will be provided by a highly competent and skilled workforce trained specifically in the care of the neonate. The midwives on ward 205 will provide any care required for the mother.

Contact Num​bers

Ward 206 (Postnatal and Antenatal) 01782 672206 

Ward 205 (Postnatal and Antenatal) 01782 672205