Maternity Assessment Unit

The Maternity Assessment Unit (MAU) provides additional care and assessment for women from 16 weeks pregnancy to six weeks after birth. You may call the unit's emergency telephone number (01782 672300 for Royal Stoke, or 01785 230059 for County Hospital) at any time during your pregnancy to discuss any problems or to receive advice. 

You will be asked various questions about your pregnancy and condition to enable us to establish the best place to assess or treat you. You may be advised to attend the unit if we think you have a problem which needs attention from a midwife or an obstetrician, or you may be referred to the unit by your midwife, GP or clinic.

On admission, your problems can be assessed by a midwife or doctor and further care planned as necessary. The MAU also provides outpatient care should you require extra attention but not admission to the inpatient wards.

Please do not contact MAU prior to 16 weeks of pregnancy. Instead, contact your GP or community midwife for professional advice and support.