Survey of Maternity services

University Hospitals' maternity department has achieved a glowing report from patients.  In a survey carried out in the summer of 2010, patients were asked to rate how satisfied they felt with the amount and quality of information given to them at antenatal and postnatal stages, as well as during labour. The results showed that patients felt happy with the service at many levels.

100% of patients said they were satisfied with the information they were given with regards to epidurals, 97% of patients said they were satisfied with the information given on treatment and care and 95% said they were satisfied that they had been given enough information regarding mode of delivery. 93% of patients chose to make additional positive comments about either the overall service or staff.

102 questionnaires were completed and the results published in September 2010. ​The questionnaire was based on standards set by the National Institute of Clinical Excellence (NICE) in their Clinical Guideline 55: 'Intrapartum care: Care of healthy women and their babies during childbirth'.

The results show the percentage of women satisfied that they had been presented with the right amount of evidence based written information during their treatment pathway:

  • Treatment and care: 97%
  • Services provided by the maternity unit: 92%
  • Planning the place of birth: 92%
  • Labour: 94%
  • Mode of delivery: 95%
  • Women should be offered the choice of planning the birth at home, in the midwifery unit or on an obstetric unit: 95%
  • Women in established labour should receive one-to-one care throughout: 99%
  • Women should be offered the opportunity to labour in water for pain relief: 80%
  • Women who have an epidural should be informed before choosing it of the risks and benefits and the implications for their labour: 100%