Infant feeding at UHNM

The following are useful resources and information that you will find helpful throughout pregnancy and the early weeks and months:

Feeding and relationship building

Building a happy baby

Important information about feeding your baby

Unicef skin to skin contact

Prepare and sterilse equipment

Unicef responsive feeding

Infant formula and responsive feeding

The ABCs of safer sleep - The Lullaby Trust

Caring for your baby at night

Safer sleep for babies - a guide for parents

Support groups

We encourage you to find your local support group, some of which are ran by Health professionals and others which are ran by parents. They are valuable sources of support in the early weeks and months. The information is updated on a monthly basis.

Add in current list.

Social support

We would encourage you to find out what groups are ran locally in your childrens centre.


Usefull websites Information on feeding your baby and relationship building Baby sleep Information Source

www. Safer sleep for your baby.