Infant feeding

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Important information about breastfeeding, formula feeding and infant feed​ing

Our Maternity and Neonatal unit are fully accredited as 'UNICEF Baby Friendly'. This means that we have reached and maintained best practice standards to support mothers with b​reastfeeding and those who choose to formula feed their baby.

There is an infant feeding team, who are able to give additional support and advice should you and your baby require this. All staff within the maternity unit and neonatal unit are trained to support mothers with feeding their baby.

The following information is really important . It tells you where you can get additional support when you leave hospital, how to tell breastfeeding is progressing well and how to express and store your breastmilk. There is also a link to the UNICEF Baby Friendly website where you can download a helpful leaflet on caring for your baby at night.

A 24-hr infant feeding support helpline for all mothers discharged from UHNM is available at the free-standing birth unit at County Hospital, tel: 01785 230059. 

You will be able to discuss feeding and receive face-to-face support at County Hospital.

Useful Infor​mation​

For further inform​ation about reducing the risk of cot death, please go to: