Complex Hearing

All hearing losses are not the same.  For patients with severe\profound hearing loss or mixed hearing loss different  technologies and rehabilitation strategies are needed to optimise the residual hearing.  Patients can also have auditory processing disorder than means their hearing tests are within the normal range but they have difficulty hearing speech especially in background noise, Based at the Main building in the new City General hospital the Complex Hearing clinic is equipped to meet these needs.  Patients will be seen by a Specialist Audiologist.

Sound​​ Studio

Many of our patients tell us that their hearing aids sound great in a sound booth but as soon as they get outside they have problems. The 3D sound studio can be used to recreate realistic sound environments to optimised hearing aids in real world settings.  These can be anything from a car journey to a reverberant church.

Innovative He​​aring aid technologies

The Complex hearing clinic has access to the latest hearing aid technologies available on the NHS these include wireless CROS systems and frequency lowering devices.

Advanced test​ing techniques

The complex hearing clinic has access to a variety of hearing tests and verification tools including

  • Speech mapping
  • Speech in noise testing
  • Speech audiometry
  • Threshold Auditory Brainstem Response
  • Middle ear diagnostics
  • Oto-acoustic emissions
  • Cochlear dead region testing
  • Hearing loss simulator (for parents or relatives)
  • Otocam