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Darcy Evans was diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes at County Hospital in 2010 when she was 10 years-old. She is now a Youth Ambassador for the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation (, a charity working to help improve the lives of people affected by Type 1 diabetes.  

Darcy said: "I have some really bad times with diabetes, and I know I will in the future, but the help and care I receive at the hospital and through the charity really helps a lot.

"I was admitted as an emergency to County Hospital with diabetic ketoacidosis (DKA) in 2011 when I wasn't managing my condition very well. I was very poorly for three day​s in hospital.

"It's a horrid condition to have; anyone who suffers from it will know what I mean.  Its inconsistency can be tiring and if you don't manage it well on a regular basis, it can result in more serious complications, such as heart and liver disease, blindness and even limb loss. 

"Fortunately, I have a brilliant psychology nurse who has helped me cope with my condition.  I still need support from other people of course, and my family need help to be able to understand it and support me 24/7."

JDRF specialise in dealing with Type 1 diabetes. 

Darcy said: "They do loads of fun activities to raise money.  This might be to help your school, or you and your family.

"Best of all, it connects me to other Type 1 diabetics who know exactly what I have to go through every day and we all support each other. 

I asked County Hospital to help me tell more Type 1 diabetes patients about JDRF, so they can help you too."