Community Paediatrics

The community paediatric team is based in the Child Development Centre, Hilton Road and is part of an integrated child health ​service based within the Trust. The Child Development Centre provides a comprehensive centralised service in which professionals can work with, and support parents in achieving an early diagnosis and appropriate intervention for young children with developmental problems.

​The community service manages children with the most chronic complex needs and the most vulnerable groups of children. The team works within multidisciplinary and multi-agency teams and have strong links with local health visitors, school nurses, education, social service and therapy teams.

The services undertaken are:

  • 'Looked after' children - We provide an initial health assessment in line with statutory requirements when a child becomes 'looked after' as well as providing a detailed report on the family and personal health and developmental history of children being considered for adoption.
  • Child protection - We provide 24 hour cover for all child protection referrals including physical and sexual abuse cases within the area.
  • Developmental paediatrics - We take referrals for children with suspected developmental problems and are responsible for the assessment, investigation and on going management of these children in the most appropriate setting i.e. hospital, at home or at school.
  • Epilepsy - We provide a service for children with complex epilepsies.
  • Gastroenterology - We hold bi-monthly clinics to assess and treat children with developmental disorders and feeding/nutritional problems including assessment for PEG (tube) feeding.
  • Audiology - We receive referrals from GPs, health visitors and speech and language therapists to assess children hearing, referring them on to be seen by the ENT clinic if required.
  • Educational medicine - We hold clinics in certain special schools in the area to offer ongoing medical care of children who have significant health and educational needs.