Child Protection

​The child protection department is based in the Child Development Centre, on Hilton Road, Stoke-on-Trent.  It is run by a range of staff which includes a child protection nurse from the Trust, a child protection doctor from the Trust and administrative support. The designated doctor for child protection for North Staffordshire provides support and advice and is employed by the Trust.

There is a 24 hour child protection rota which is staffed by consultant community paediatricians who have responsibility for managing child protection medical examinations. 

The department also supports all activities necessary to ensure the Trust meets its responsibilities in safeguarding all children and young people whether inpatients, outpatients or visitors. It has clear lines of responsibility.

The child protection department provides advice on child protection and safeguarding matters to the Trust, its staff across all divisions and to other agencies.  It ensures the Trust has policies and procedures in place to safeguard children in line with national guidance and also produces an annual report which is approved by the Trust's Clinical Governance Board and details the activity within the department. 

The members of the department have an active role in the two Local Safeguarding Children Boards (which are the statutory boards legislated for by the Children Act 2004) and their subcommittees. This area has two Safeguarding Children Boards - Staffordshire and Stoke-on-Trent. 

The department also plays a key role in training. The training strategy for safeguarding children and young people is developed and updated by the department and the training is delivered to all staff groups within the Trust. Through the training, staff are made aware of the policies and procedures to safeguard children, how to access them and what their role is. 

​The child protection department monitors compliance with national standards and recommendations.  The named and designated professionals in the department attend regular relevant local, regional and national conferences and courses in order to maintain up to date skills in the area of child protection and safeguarding children. They also take part in the annual appraisal process.


Child Protection Office, Child Development Centre

City General site

Newcastle Road

Stoke on Trent


Telephon​e numbers

Child Protection Co-ordinator 01782 679802 - office number

Gemma Shawis, Named Nurse for Child Protection, 01782 679803

Mandy Stenson, Named Midwife for Child Protection, 01782 671067

Dr Ros Negrycz, Designated Doctor for Child Protection 01782 679839

Dr Jackie Kilding, Named Doctor for Child Protection 01782 679809