Welcome to the Cancer Centre

​​​Being diagnosed with cancer can have a devastating effect on a person's physical, mental and emotional wellbeing. At University Hospitals we strive to lessen that effect by providing support and care of the highest standard possible. We provide cancer care to a local population of 700,000 and diagnose approximately 2,400 new cases of cancer each year. 

We have the facilities to diagnose and treat all types of cancers, including a wide range of diagnostic services for both adults and young people, such as PET-CT scanning.  We offer most specialist treatments including complex open and laparoscopic surgery, chemotherapy, external beam and intracavity radiotherapy, haematology, brachytherapy and palliative and supportive care services. 

We provide inpatient, day care and outpatient services for all areas of cancer treatment. If highly specialised treatments are required, for example bone cancer surgery, liver surgery and paediatric cancer surgery, we have excellent links to an appropriate centre where those specialist services are provided. 

A multidisciplinary team discusses every newly diagnosed case to agree on the best treatment plan for that patient. There is a team for each of the cancer types. Each team meets weekly and is made up of all staff who are involved in the diagnosis and treatment of patients with that particular cancer type. 

University Hospital is a specialist surgical centre for upper gastro intestinal, gynaecological, brain and lung cancers and works in close partnership with other hospitals, including Shrewsbury and Telford Hospitals, Leighton Hospital, Royal Orthopaedic Hospital Birmingham, Robert Jones and Agnes Hunt Hospital, Birmingham Children's Hospital and University Hospital Birmingham.


County Hospit​al

​Chemotherapy within non-surgical oncology is delivered at the hospital.  Each area delivers chemotherapy to either oncology or haematology patients. There is a busy outpatient treatment area (Chemotherapy Treatment Unit) and a ward dedicated to the delivery of overnight and longer chemotherapies (Ward 2). Contact Number: 01785 230600​