Tissue and organ donation

Nearly 10,000 people are currently waiting for organ donation. Unfortunately, by the end of each month around 100 people will have died whilst waiting.

Although the Emergency Department strives to save lives it is understandable that in certain situations this is not possible. Over the last four years, NHS Blood and Transplant (NHSBT) and the College of Emergency Medicine have worked nationally to increase the number of potential donors from emergency departments.​

The University Hospitals of North Midlands works closely with the Organ Donation Committee of the hospital trust and alongside the Specialist Nurses in Organ Donation to try and achieve the maximum number of referrals to the organ donation team to give this gift of life to others.

In 2012/13, across the Trust, UHNM exceeded the expectations on NHSBT, with 66% of referrals to the Organ Donation Team coming for the Emergency Department. This coming year, the Emergency Department will continue to work closely with the organ donation to build on previous successes.