Senior Staff ​Nurse For Quality in the Emergency Department

The role of the Senior Staff Nurse for Quality in the Emergency Department is to improve the services and quality of care for all of our patients and their families who we care for.

The Senior Staff Nurse for Quality will maintain robust records of education and training that occurs within their area of responsibility. This evidence can be requested by visiting bodies such as the Care Quality Commission. The team monitor Clinical Standards and provide training and education to underpin safe delivery of health care.


The Emergency Department at the UHNM has enrolled on to the internationally recognised Excellence in Practice Accreditation Scheme (EPAS). This is a project which encourage​s the demonstration of excellence in the delivery of care within the Emergency Department. We are the first Emergency Department nationally to apply for this accreditation.

The Emergency Department team have used a multi-disciplinary and team-building approach to demonstrate best practice against the six standards set out in the EPAS project.

The scheme has enabled the Emergency Department team to disseminate its excellent care, innovations and pioneering work to a wider audience. We are proud of the service that we deliver and are excited to receive local, national and international recognition.​