This section of the website is for professionals who want to know more about mental health and what care we provide at UHNM. The section is divided into different projects and initiatives and will grow over time.

Enhancements in children and young people's service

In 2016 Children's, Women's, Diagnostic and Division at UHNM made a significant change in their practice by employing a Clinical Lead Nurse in Mental Health. This post was designed to create and sustain significant changes to mental healthcare within an acute hospital, with a specific aim to improve child and adolescent mental health and perinatal mental health. These two areas are at the forefront of national and local initiatives, with a portfolio of work that is nationally an area for development.

UHNM have devised this specialist role to encompass a range of leadership and clinical work to help raise the profile of mental health in an acute hospital. The post is a senior divisional role which has responsibilities for improving patient and staff experience, devising new specialist roles and teams to support the most vulnerable patients and create an environment where mental health is fundamental to nursing and medical practice.

Since this role has been operational there have been a number of internal and external relationships built with key stakeholders to streamline mental healthcare and share best practice across the local health economy. As a direct result of this we have been able to enlist the help of service users and their carers in helping to redesign mental health experiences within the trust. We have held a number of events which have showcased patients' perspectives on their care and treatment and what can be done differently. These videos are now being used as part of statutory and mandatory training within child health and have received excellent feedback from participants as they are able to contextualize their stories with real life scenarios.

This training has instilled a level of confidence and competence in all disciplines of acute children's nursing as they are now identifying positive mechanisms to support children and young people who are presenting with mental health conditions. As part of the move forward we have set up a working group which identifies CYP needs and plans new interventions, training and resources to support patients and our workforce. This work has had a significant impact on patient experience when attending the hospital and the experience of staff looking after these individuals.

This role has been created in a time of significant NHS pressure and is already delivering key objectives and helping the trust achieve a revenue by successfully securing CCG monies for CAMHS development and also securing NHS England money for a specialist clinic within a maternity setting. This is expanding the range of services, thus creating a role that delivers high quality care and a financial reward.


EMPOWERS (Children's services)

The term 'EMPOWERS' was derived from using different words to describe mental health.

It stands for Emotional, Mental health, Psychological, Openness, Wellbeing, Encouragement, Resilience and Support.

The term was chosen to help people take back control of their mental health and have their own say about what happens in their treatment. We wanted to use something that would give people the empowerment to talk about mental health.

This working group helps staff to have a better understanding of mental health. It will continue to meet regularly and ensure that momentum is carried on and forms part of our vision for the future. The group is also designed to build partnerships with our external stakeholders to support the development of CAMHS services across Staffordshire.

The next steps will be about forming partnerships around eating disorder pathways and ensuring that we deliver high standards of care. We will also need to use training and education that is specific to mental health.

The group consists of nurses, healthcare assistants, play specialists, hospital school teachers and many more. We have developed link nurses in all areas. The work is led by our very own dedicated Clinical Lead Nurse in Mental Health, Tom Evans.​

Click on the links to find out what EMPOWERS is and how it helps our patients:

EMPOWERS presentation