Adults and older people

​At UHNM, it is our goal to ensure adults and older people are well care for both physically and mentally. Sometimes our patients need extra support.

For example, many of our patients have mental health issues, some of which have not been detected, diagnosed or treated. Some may have dementia which is not yet diagnosed. Their dementia may be mild, moderate or severe. Others may have depression and some may have delirium which is an acute confusional state which can be due to a variety of causes.​​​

We follow the national requirement to give all patients aged 65 and over a six-item cognitive impairment test (6CIT). This ensures that we are screening hospital patients for dementia anytime within 72 hours of admission. At UHNM screening is completed on admission or within 24 hours of admission. This ensures we are meeting Objective 2 of the National Dementia Strategy for earlier diagnosis and to provide a baseline measure.​

For professionals

​Download a leaflet about the Dementia Liaison Service​ and how to refer